Latest innovations in the modern firearms industry

Ever since the discovery of gunpowder, a lot has changed in the firearms industry. Modern firearms now feature automatic reloading, compared to the slow, manual reloading of old guns. Before, firearms are made from common wood and crude metal. But now, light weight, high grade plastics are incorporated to these powerful weapons to make them lighter, and easier to use. Indeed, a lot has changed in the firearms industry, but in order to have a clearer view of these changes, focus will be given to modern firearms such as handguns and rifles.

What’s new in modern firearms?

Umarex Beretta CP92 side 300x222 Latest innovations in the modern firearms industry
The word handgun pertains to short firearms which can be handled by just one hand alone. Such firearms are easily concealed under clothes or bags, and are usually the chosen as service firearms for those in the force. A modern handgun can be made from crafted metal or hard plastics, and are in great demand because they are small and lightweight, and can pack a good firepower. For those interested in this modern firearm, there are still a lot of choices that you could decide upon, including semi-automatics and the revolvers.

The semi-automatic is a good example of modern firearms because it can fire a volley of continuous shots by using part of the energy produced by burning cartridge to reload a new cartridge. This ingenious way of reloading is relatively a modern concept, as compared to that of revolvers and non-automatics. Revolvers on the other hand, make use of a revolving cylinder that contains cartridge. They can hold a very limited amount of ammunition, but such revolvers are respected because they pack a big punch. A revolver is modernized by using strong, lightweight metals in its construction. The bullets used are pretty modern too, with some capable of shuttering into pieces just like a shotgun’s spread shot.

Another modern firearm is the assault rifle. This type of firearm is the primary offensive weapons of modern armies all over the world. These are high caliber firearms ranging from 5mm to 8mm, and are capable of carrying more than 20 rounds per magazine. This modern firearm can fire at targets even at long distances, which is a proven advantage when it comes to modern warfare. One of the latest innovation in the modern assault rifles is the bull-pup configuration, where the buttplate is attached to the receiver and handle, while the trigger is placed ahead of the magazine. This is a great leap in its design, considering that it was first conceptualized in the early 1910s. Assault rifles are widely used nowadays, and they are proven to be very significant in the war against terrorism. Modern firearms provide a great advantage to the troops as they campaign against terrorists.

Modern Firearms

Modern firearms may have new looks and are made from new materials, but it has continued to serve as a great too. Wars have been won because of firearms, and with it, people are able to maintain peace and order in the society. It will continue to change and evolve to suit and ever-changing needs of its master man.